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Sno. Organizer Name of the Guest Background Guest Location Topic Date of Interaction Number of Schools(Name) Number of Students Email-Id Contact no/ Image Download Content
1JKKNMohd. Ayaz Raina National ICT Awardee & JKKN team memberThannamandi (Rajouri)Use of latest ICT tools (One day workshop)07/07/202040 School Nodal Officers (Trainees)40 School Nodal Officers (Trainees)ayazraina@gmail.com8803221283 Download Content
2JKKNMr. MOHD.Ayaz RainaNational ICT Awardee & JKKN team memberThannamandi (Rajouri)Use of latest ICT tools (One day workshop)02/06/202035 School Nodal Officers (Trainees)39 School Nodal Officers (Trainees)ayazraina@gmail.com8803221283 Download Content
3Samagra Shiksha-JKKNMr. Danish Aziz Educational Specialist Unicef IndiaCovid-19 Risk Communication30/06/2020130 HoIs, DNOs, SNOs...130 HoIs, DNOs, Download Content
4JKKN-Samagra Shiksha J&KDr. Ajeet AngralConsultant PMSSSDSEJ Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme(PMSSS)29-02-202028600ajeetangral1415@gmail.com9419144030 Download Content
5JKKN-SamagraMs. Anuradha Gupta (KAS)Director School Education Jammu, J & KDirectorate School Education (Muthi) JammuSchool House System Download Content
6JKKN-SamagraCommissioner Secretary and SPD Samagra ShikshaSchool Education DepartmentCivil Secretariat SrinagarAadhaar30-07-2019Chief Education Officers & DNOs (Adhaar) Download Content
7JKKN-SamagraJKKN Team & Nielit ExpertMr. Vikrant, Mr. Hilal Lone, Mr. Ayaz Raina and Mr Anil SharmaNIELIT JammuIntroduction of JKKN Portal and usage of various ICT Tools in the teaching-learning-process18-07-2019701000 Teaching Faculty from Jammu Download Content
8DSEJ-JKKNMs Anuradha GuptaDirector School Education JammuDSEJFunctioning of Kindergarten Download Content
9JKKN GanderbalMr Hilal LoneJKKN Team MemberGanderbalOnline Knowledge Assessment Download Content
10JKKN-School Education Department of J&KMr Romesh SharmaI/C Counselling Cell DSEJ JammuDSEJChid Download Content
11DSEJ-JKKNMr Romesh SharmaI/C Counselling Cell DSEJ JammuDSE JammuInternational Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Download Content
12JKKNMohd Ayaz RaiaEducation/ JKKN Team memberRajouri (Thannamandi)Online Intra District Quiz Competition20/06/2019six250ayazraina@gmail.com8803221283 Download Content
13JKKN-SAMAGRADr. Manohar RoyManaging Director Global Robotics IncorporationMaharashtraIntroduction to Robotics & an overview as a career20/05/2019935000Globalroboticsltd@gmail.com9518976204 Download Content
14JKKN Samvaad -Brainwaves (Jammu & Ganderbal)Mr Sandeep DNO KishtwarKishtwarDoes Technology make us more alone? Download Content
15JKKNMrs. Anuradha Gupta Director School Education, JammuJammuOnline interaction29/04/ Download Content
16JKKN/JKBOSE, JammuDr. Lovi Padha & Dr. Rohit BhattiaMS Orthopaedic & PhysiotherapistJammuSchool Bag Burden & Health Problems25/04/2019757500ayazraina@gmail.com8803221283 Download Content
17JKKNDr. Dipti Sidhaye Asstt. Professor & HoD Uiversity of Pune*Jnana Prabodhini (Pune based multifarious institute) PuneCareer in Physics 09-04-2019Jammu Division (19) Download Content
18JKKNMr. Rayees AhmedBrainwavesKashmirTime Management16-04-2019Distt. Leh and Shopian (Govt. HSS Download Content
19JKKN Mr Haroon Rasheed SNO Hss Salia Anantnag BrainwavesAnantnag Effect of anger on our lives and how to manage it09-04-2019Udhampur and Pulwama (2) Download Content
20JKKN,HUBDr Jyoti Malhotra Sr lect in Biology JKBOSE, JAMMUOverview of Chemistry 30-01-201925500computercelljd@gmail.com9419648991 Download Content
21JKKN,HUBMr Sunil Kumar Sharma Sr Lect in ChemistryJKBOSE, JAMMUOverview of Chemistry 21-01-201913300computercelljd@gmail.com7006599737 Download Content
22School Education Department Mr. Romesh KumarI/C Counselling Cell DSEJJKKNExamination Stress Management27-12-2018702400counsellingcelldsij@gmail.com9419210200 Download Content
23JKKN-School Education Department of J&KShri Shailendra Kumar, IAS Chief Electoral Officer, J&K/ Principal SecInteraction with Students of ICT Schools through CEO J&K 0n 21-12-2018 Target audience students of Class 9th to 12th JammuSveep22-12-20181004000ceo-jk[at]nic[dot]in0191 – 2477519 Download Content
24SAMAGRA Shiksha JKHon'ble Governor Satya Pal MalikCelebration of World Disability day at Teacher Bhawan Jammu (I): organised by School Education Department, J&KJammuCelebration of World Disability day* Download Content
25SAMAGRA Shiksha JKMr. M.P. Vijay Kumar (Retd. IAS) Mr. M.P. Vijay Kumar (Retd. IAS) from Tamil Nadu was the Guest Speaker in the program.*Tamil naduORIENTATION PROGRAM REGARDING CLASSROOM TRANSECTIONS TEACHING-LEARNING PROCESS AND LEARNING BY DOING22-11-201860200kumarmpv@gmail.com09940077773 Download Content
26JKKNMr. Rajesh KheleExpert of Jnana Prabodhini (Pune based organisation),PuneCareer in* Download Content
27JKKN-School Education Department of J&KHon'ble Governor Satya Pal MalikGovernor of Jammu and Kashmir, Civil SecretariatE-Inauguration of ICT/CAL Labs (2017-2018)* Download Content
28JKBOSE HubMr Anoop Singh Chauhanlect in ChemistryJKBOSE HubPolymerisation 19-11-20188150poonarajput23@gmail.com7006737182 Download Content
29JKBOSE HubMs Savita KulkuriJanan Probodani PuneCareer in Civil Services 16-10-201814550computercelljd@gmail.com9850911545 Download Content
30JKKNRomesh KumarI/C Counselling Cell DSEJ JammuJKKN Hub JKBOSEStress Management II11-10-201812 350counsellingcelldsij@gmail.com9419210200 Download Content
31InCharge of Counselling Cell Mr Romesh Kumar Sharma Teacher JKBOSE HubStress Management in Examination 09-10-201819350counsellingcelldsij@gmail.com9419210200 Download Content
32JKKNMs Tingting Fan (China)German Chancellor Fellow GermanySocial Health Care24/09/2018Jammu Division HSS Boys Poonch HSS Bani400Jkknemail0000000000000 Download Content
33JKKNMr Parag V. Kulkarni CAJanan Probodani Pune Career in Commerce sector C.A11/9/20188150 Download Content
34JKKNMr Yasir Hamid Sirwal Asstt. Director/ State Coordinator AEP JkBoseJKBOSE HubSubstance &Drug Abuse 11/9/201820400 Download Content
35JKKNMr Sugandh Deshmukh Janan Probodani Pune Potential Abilities and Aptitude4/9/20188150 Download Content
36JKKNMr Sugandh Deshmukh Janan Probodani Pune Potential Abilities and Aptitude4/9/20188150 Download Content
37JKKNMr Sugandh Deshmukh Janan Probodani Pune Development of Personality 30/8/20188100 Download Content
38JKKNMr Sugandh Deshmukh Janan Probodani Pune Development of Personality 28/8/20188100 Download Content
39JKKNMr Fazlul Haseeb IAS TopperJKKN TeamJKBOSE HubCareer Planning 25/8/201825500 Download Content
40JKKNMr Romesh Kumar Sharma JKKN Team JKBOSE HubCareer Planning 20/8/2018203009419210200 Download Content
41JKKNJKKN Team JKKN Team JKBOSE HubCultural Programme13/8/201818500 Download Content
42JKKNMs. Charu Sawhney Sr.Lecturer JKBOSE HubDNA Fingerprinting 10/8/2018204509419220486 Download Content
43JKKNJKKN Team JKKN Team JKBOSE HubMy Aim in Life 8/7/201820400 Download Content
44JKKNMr. Bhupinder GuptaSr.Lecturer, MathJKBOSE HubQuadratic Equations16/07/2018122509419860724 Download Content
45JKKNJKKN TeamJKKN TeamJKBOSE HubRhymes in Local Language14/7/201819300 Download Content
46JKKNMr Sunil Kumar Sr.Lecturer JKBOSE HubInductive Effect12/7/2018183509419171624 Download Content
47JKKNMs. Suma Paul HOD Computer Science DepttRajagiri Public School Kalamassery, Kochi Kerala Cybersecurity 9/7/201820400 Download Content
48JKKNMr Romesh Kumar Sharma InCharge of Counselling Cell JKBOSE HubPositive Mental Health 19/06/2018152509419210200 Download Content
49JKKN?Dr. Yasir Hamid SirwalAsstt. Director/ State Coordinator AEP JKBoseJKBOSE HubTopic:Substance and Drug Abuse ?7/6/2018193509419154206 Download Content
50JKKN?Dr. Yasir Hamid SirwalAsstt. Director/ State Coordinator AEPJKBOSE Hub:Topic:Substance and Drug Abuse ?7/6/201819970* Download Content
51JKKN?Mr. Bhagwan Chawale from PuneMountaineer who scaled Mt. EverestPune:Topic:Talked about preparation mission to Mount Everest ?6/6/201817670* Download Content
52JKKN?Mr. Bhupinder GuptaSenior Lecturer MathematicsJKKN Hub:Topic:Set System ?4/6/201812770* Download Content
53JKKN?Mr. Anil BhatBureau CHief Press Trust of India in JammuJKKN Hub:Topic: Role of Social Media in Society ?28/05/2018156009419181907 Download Content
54JKKN?Dr. Tafheem Masudi*Bangalore:Topic: Curiosity Based Learning?26/05/20186330* Download Content
55JKKN?Mr. Anjeel ThakurSenior Lecturer Botany,HSS JhiriJKKN HUB:Topic:Mendelian Inheritance?24/05/2018174359419272510 Download Content
56JKKN?Ms. Sonum ChogaRPDIET RajouriAdolescence & Adolescent Education?22/05/201814500 Download Content
57JKKNMs Harpreet?KourSr. Lect. Commerce?JKKN HUB at JKBOSEFinancial Statements of the company and balance sheet19/05/20188200 Download Content
58JKKNMr. Suresh Kumar GouriaSr. Lect.? BotanyJKKN HUB at JKBOSESexual Reproduction in Flowering plants (Angiosperms)17/05/2018153507006763154 Download Content
59JKKNMr. Ranjeet Singh ManhasAcademic Officer JKBOSE,?JKKN HUB at JKBOSEClassification of Animals11/5/2018143509419108526 Download Content
60JKKNMr. Puneet ThukralSr. Lect. PhysicsJKKN HUB at JKBOSECurrent Electricity12/5/2018133009419197922 Download Content
61JKKNMr. Sunil KumarLect. ChemistryJKKN HUB at JKBOSESolid State9/5/2018122507006599737 Download Content
62JKKN?Mr. Romesh Kumar SharmaIn-charge of Guidance and Counselling at DSE Jammu.JKKN HUB at JKBOSENeeds and Importance of Guidance and Counselling?21/04/2018124009419210200 Download Content
63JKKNMiss Avantika Singh?IITian and Engineer at National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the United States.?USArenewable sources of energy20/4/201815550 Download Content
64JKKNMr.?Irfan Shahmiri*Founder, CHINAR International?Srinagar*Youth-led Social Change*19/05/201813600 Download Content
65JKKNJKKN TeamMr.?Hilal Lone,?Mr.?Ayaz Raina &?Mr.?Vikrant SinghDoda?cultural exchange programme?04/04/2018,9 Download Content
66JKKNJKKN TeamMr.?Hilal Lone,?Mr.?Ayaz Raina &?Mr.?Vikrant SinghRajouri?Swacch Bharat Mission3/4/20188 Download Content
67JKKNJKKN TeamMr.?Hilal Lone,?Mr.?Ayaz Raina &?Mr.?Vikrant SinghDoda & Ganderbalinteraction of teachers, masters, lectures, Headmasters and School Nodal Officers of District Doda w30/03/20186150 Download Content
68JKKNCleanness week Special by JKKN*?Mr.?Hilal Lone,?Mr.?Ayaz Raina &?Mr.?Vikrant SinghRajouri ,Jammu*Cleanness is next to Godliness* " as a part of Cleanness week by Education Department J&K.20/03/20185200 Download Content
69JKKNMiss Awantika SinghIITian and Engineer at National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the United States.?USA17/03/201812280 Download Content
70JKKNMr.?Suresh GouriaAcademic Officer JKBOSE,?JKKN HUB at JKBOSETime Management for students15/03/201812300 Download Content
71JKKNHEM?Mr.?Altaf Bukhrai?Education Minister of J&KJKKN HUB at JKBOSEInaurgation of JKKN HUB at JKBOSE2/2/201820700 Download Content
72JKKNMr.Anil SwarupMHRD SecretaryHSS KotibaghInaugural program20/09/2017 Download Content
73JKKNSh. NN VohraGovernor of J&KRanbir Higher?SecondarSchool JammuInaugural program23/02/201720800 Download Content
74JKKNDr.Shabir HussanPostdoctoral Scientist at Harvard Medical School and MIT - USA.USABreaking Barriers4/2/2017451000 Download Content
75JKKNDr.?Shaida AndrabiAssociate professor?inPharmacology and Toxicology, and Neurology at the UAB?school?of Medicine Birmingham Alabama USA. /strong>USANeuroscience23/01/2017651600 Download Content
76JKKNMr.?Tahir QaziCEO at?iQusar?USA based IT consultant. MBA from Warton School of BusinessphiladephiaEntrepreneurship and leadership10/1/2017521500 Download Content
77JKKNMs Mehbooba MuftiHon. CM of J&KJammu. J&KGeneral interaction30/12/201620550 Download Content
78JKKNDr.Shah Faesal (I.A.S)1st Rank in All Indian Civil Service Exam, Served as D.C. Bandipora, Director School Education, Kashmir. Now MD PDCJammu. J&KImportance of goals in school life7/12/201621600 Download Content
79JKKNMs.?Padma Karri (I.F.S.)Indian?ForeginService,B.Tech(Electronics and Communication) Worked as PMRDF in the state of Odisha, Currently Third Secretary at Indian??Embessay,?Cairo ,Egypt.?Cairo, EgyptCareer in Diplomacy and Glimpse of Egypt-The land of Pharoah through an Indian eye13/01/2017421100 Download Content
80JKKNMs.Sheetal Nanda (I.A.S.)DC Samba,MBA from Universityof Jammu.Samba, J&KCommunity-Led Total Sanitation Campaign in Samba District10/1/2017521500 Download Content
81JKKNMr.?Karan BandalB. tech (Producation) COEP,MS?in Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconson, USARockford, USAHigher Education in?USA?and Industrial Engineering30/11/201625780 Download Content
82JKKNDr. Ahaisan?ul Haq QureshiMSc (Organic Chemistry)?Ph.D?(Nanotechnology) from South Korea, Post Doc at Japan, Currently an associate professor in Saudi ArabiaRiyadh,?Saudhi?ArabiaNanotechnology and renewable energy17/11/201620550 Download Content
83JKKNDr. Kartiek, (IIT, Kanpur) PhD?inPhysics(Harvard University) Post Doc at?PricetonUniversity,USAPrinceton University, USAScientific Research as Career.8/12/201622600 Download Content
84JKKNDr.Vikas, (IIT, Kanpur) PhD in Bio-engineering (Harvard University) Post Doc at Cambridge University.The University of Cambridge, UKEngineering Perspective of Biology8/12/201622500 Download Content
85JKKNProf. Vivek PonksheAn Educationist. He belongs to?organizationcalled Jnana Prabodhini, Pune.Pune, MaharashtraConcepts in Physics29/11/201622550 Download Content
86JKKNHEM Naeem AkhtarMinister For Education, J&KDirectorate of RMSA, JammuUse of ICT infrastructure by students and teachers26/11/201620600 Download Content