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Serial No. District & School Name Date Time Subject Class Topic Upload Date Click to Join
1Civil Secretariat School Educa30-07-201911:00AmICT/AadhaarCommissioner/Secretary, SPD & DNOsReview of Aadhaar & ICT-29-07-19 Link
2DSEJ01-08-201911:00AmStudent House SystemStudents and TeachersStudent House System01-08-2019 Link
3CEO Office Doda23-07-201911:00 AmMDMZonal Level I/C MDMMDM Meet Zonal Level Link
4DIET Doda13.06.201911:00 amChemistry11thLiquid States Link
5DIET Doda13.06.201911:00 amPhysics11thMeasurments & Dimensions Link
6DIET Doda13.06.201911:00 amPhysics11thMeasurments & Dimensions Link
7UDHAMPUR29-05-201911:45 AMPol Science11thUnit-2 : Scheme of Fundamental Rights in Indian Constitution Link
8UDHAMPUR29-05-201910:30 AMCHEMISTRY11thRutherford Model of an Atom Link
9UDHAMPUR28-05-201912:45 PMCHEMISTRY11thDiscovery of Anode Rays Link
10DIET Doda29-05-201912:30 pmComputer Science11thLoops Link
11UDHAMPUR28-05-201911:45 AMPol Science11thFundamental Rights Link
12UDHAMPUR27-05-201912:45 PMPHYSICS11thRounding off Errors Link
13UDHAMPUR27-05-201911:45 AMPol Science11thQuestions and Answers based on the unit : Making of Indian Constitution Link
14UDHAMPUR27-05-201910:30 AMENGLISH11thPoem- Daffodils by William Wordsworth Link
15UDHAMPUR25-05-201912:45 PMPHYSICS11thSignificant Figures and its rules Link
16UDHAMPUR25-05-201910:30 AMCHEMISTRY11thDiscovery of electron and cathode rays Link
17UDHAMPUR24-05-201911:45 AMPol Science11thVery Short Questions and Answers based on the unit : Making of Indian Constitution Link
18UDHAMPUR23-05-201910:30 AMPHYSICS11thDerive the relationship between various physical quantities Link
19UDHAMPUR22-05-201912:45 PMCHEMISTRY11thDalton Atomic Theory Link
20UDHAMPUR22-05-201911:45 AMPol Science11thMain sources of Indian Constitution Link
21UDHAMPUR22-05-201910:30 AMPHYSICS11thUses of Dimensional Analysis Link
22DIET, Doda22.05.201912:20 to 01:55 pmZoology11th.Structure and Function of Cell organelles Link
23DIET, Doda22.05.201911:45 am to 12:20 pmChemistry11th.Outline Classification of Matter Link
24UDHAMPUR21-05-201912:45 PMEDUCATION11thSpiritual and Moral aim of Education Link
25UDHAMPUR21-05-201911:45 AMPHYSICS11thcheck tj of system of units Link
26UDHAMPUR21-05-201911:45 AMPHYSICS11thcheck tj of system of units Link
27Kishtwar 21/05/201911:00SeminarAllLabour Rights Viz., Labour Exploitation Social Security/Minimum Wages etc. Link
28UDHAMPUR21-05-201910:30 AMCHEMISTRY11thLaws of Chemical Combination Part-2 Link
29UDHAMPUR20-05-201912:30 PMCHEMISTRY11thLaws of Chemical Combination Link
30UDHAMPUR20-05-201911:45 AMPol Science11thQuestion and Answers based on the unit : Indian Constitution Link
31UDHAMPUR20-05-201910:30 AMPHYSICS11thCheck the correctness of physical relation using dimensional Analysis Link
32UDHAMPUR17-05-201912:45 PMEDUCATION11thMeaning and importance of Vocational and Cultural aims Link
33UDHAMPUR17-05-201911:45 AMPol Science11thWhat is Preamble to Indian Constitution and its salient Features Link
34UDHAMPUR16-05-201901:20 PMPol Science11thComposition of Constituent Assembly Link
35UDHAMPUR16-05-201912:30 PMCHEMISTRY11thConcentration of Solution Link
36UDHAMPUR16-05-201911:45 AMPHYSICS11thConversion of system of units Link
37UDHAMPUR15-05-201912:30 PMCHEMISTRY11thLaws of Chemical Combination Link
38UDHAMPUR15-05-201911:45 AMPHYSICS11thConversion of one system of units into other system of units Link
39UDHAMPUR15-05-201910:00 AMEDUCATION11thMeaning and importance of Individual and social aims Link
40Doda DIET15-05-201910:40 AmPhysics 11thMeasurement & Dimensions Link
41Doda DIET14-05-201901:30 PmPol Science11thConstitution of India Link
42Doda DIET14-05-201912:30 PmPhysics 11thMathematical Tools Link
43UDHAMPUR14-05-201912:30 PMCHEMISTRY11thCalculation of Empirical and Molecular Formula Link
44UDHAMPUR14-05-201911:45 AMPHYSICS11thPrinciple of homogeneity: uses of dimensional analysis Link
45UDHAMPUR13-05-201912:30 PMCHEMISTRY11thEmperical and Molecular Formula Link
46Poonch13-05-201911:00AMChemistry11thGeneral Overview Link
47Doda DIET11.05.201911 30 amPhy11thMathematical Tools in Physics Link
48Ramban12-05-201912:05Math12thRelations and Functions Link
49Doda12-05-201912:05Math12thRelations and Functions Link